Gemini cationic surfactant (chlorine-free) fungicide

Gemini cationic surfactant (chlorine-free) fungicide

Pour Point Depressant SM-JR-100 Application: Reduce the freezing point of wax and prevent sedimentation and blockage during gathering and transportation.

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Gemini cationic surfactant SM-4ED-70B (chlorine-free)

Sample nameGemini Quaternary Ammonium Salt SM-4ED-70BTest projectStandardResultAppearanceRed-brown viscous liquid--Content%70±270.5Water%30±229.5Water-solubilitySoluble in water and free of visible impuritiesMeetPH Value(1% water solution)6-76.5Surface tension(0.1%)mN/m25-3026


1. Chlorine-free;

2. Strong wetting property;

3. Strong cell wall penetration;

4. Excellent biodegradability.


1. As a chlorine-free fungicide;

2. As a chlorine-free algicide agent;

3. As a chlorine-free antistatic agent;

4. As a cationic wetting and penetrating agent;

5. As a slime stripping agent in pipeline cleaning;

6. As an anti-skinning agent for paint, emulsion, asphalt and other emulsions;

7. Used as a substitute for chlorine-containing cationic surfactants in other chlorine-free process environments.

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