What We Do?

Shaoxing Shangyu Simo Research Institute Of Organic Chemistry is a professional institution

Our institute is mainly researching and practicing for Colloid and interface chemistry, surfactants and its derivative of functional interfacial chemicals with more then 20years experiences.

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  • Anionic Emulsifier For Asphalt
    Anionic Emulsifier For Asphalt

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  • Alkyl Betaine
    Alkyl Betaine

    Polyalkyl betaine ( C8-12 ) Characteristics: 1. Alkyl number 5-7; 2. Excellent interfacial...

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  • Cleaning Agent For Oil Leaks
    Cleaning Agent For Oil Leaks

    oil passages cleaning agent Purpose: Used for cleaning oil passages in engine.

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  • Wax Dissolving Agents
    Wax Dissolving Agents

    Wax dissolving agents SM-QL-100 (oily) Other name :wax cleaning chemical Characteristics: raid...

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  • Viscosity Reducer For Heavy Crude Oil
    Viscosity Reducer For Heavy Crude Oil

    Viscosity reducer for crude oil SM-JN-100A ( water ) This product is compounded by a variety of...

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  • Anti Clay Swelling Agent
    Anti Clay Swelling Agent

    Anti clay swelling agent It is a kind of high efficient clay expansion inhibitor, which is...

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  • Anionic And Cationic Surfactants
    Anionic And Cationic Surfactants

    Anionic and cationic surfactants SM-YY-1P Features: 1. Has excellent foaming characteristics;...

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  • Levelling Agent
    Levelling Agent

    Levelling agent SM-LP-1 Product properties: Appearance: colorless transparent liquid Content:...

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