The Concept Of Wetting Agent

- Dec 23, 2017 -

The definition of wetting agent:

A wetting agent is a surfactant that reduces the surface energy that makes a solid material more susceptible to water wetting.

Such as sulfonated oil, soap, powder BX, etc., can also be used for soybean lecithin, mercaptan, hydrazide and sulfuric acid. Wetting agents are increasingly being used in ceramic industry, general general is a highly resistant to water hardness polyethylene oxide alkylation ethers (Poly real - oxyethylene alkylate Mr). Sulfonated oil and soaps have moderate wettability, good detergency and solubility.

Relevant concepts:

Water droplets form a thin layer on the clean glass, and the droplets are called spheres on the waxed glass. The former is called wetting, and the latter is called non-wetting.

Solids that can be wetted by water are called hydrophilic solids, such as silicates, nitrates, sulphates, quartz, metal oxides, etc. A solid that cannot be wetted by water is called hydrophobic solid, such as wax, graphite, sulphide, and various solid pesticides.

The principle of wetting agent: 

Water can be soaked through glass because the silicates of glass are polar substances, and their interactions are strong and can be close to each other to reduce the surface energy of water. Water cannot be wetted because waxes are non-polar substances, and the forces between them are weak and cannot be close to each other to reduce the surface energy of the water. When the surface is high, the water automatically contracts into a sphere.

Wetting agent is a surfactant and is composed of hydrophilic and oil-friendly base. When contact with a solid surface, the oil-friendly base attaches to the solid surface, and the hydrophilic base extends outward into the liquid to form a continuous phase of the liquid on the solid surface, which is the basic principle of wetting effect.

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