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Asphalt performance improving agent SMT Series Asphalt performance improving agent SMT Series. This bituminous mixture additives is black powder solid and made from several kinds of refined polymer through compounding,drying and pulverization. Principle :It greatly improves the high temperature...

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                 Asphalt performance improving agent SMT Series

Asphalt performance improving agent SMT Series. This bituminous mixture additives is black powder solid and made from several kinds of refined polymer through compounding,drying and pulverization. 

Principle:It greatly improves the high temperature stability of asphalt pavement by surface adhesion, reinforcement(forming net surface effect), and the filling to elastic recovery of asphalt.and meanwhile improve the water stability and low temperature crack resistance and durability,also has the function of preventing the phenomenon of rutting, anti crack function, greatly delay the pavement damage and reduce the cost of repair, also providing the effective and practical and more economical methods through solving the asphalt pavement quality .

This series of products has 2 types :

SMT-28L(normal type)and SMT-100L(Refined type) .

SMT-100L with more better waterproof performance, can make the asphalt pavement more durable.

Index:Melting point:

SMT-28L <150℃

SMT-100L <175℃

tensile strength

SMT-28L   24-26Mpa

SMT-100L  28-32Mpa

Thawing index:7-10g/10min   


1. Enhance pavement service life: add the additive in the hot asphalt mixing process, melting, mixing, then spreading on the pavement,can greatly improving the pavement life times.

2. Rutting resistance on asphalt pavement : excellent rebound effect, can prevent the generation of rutting.

3.  Waterproof and resistance on freezing and thawing: Asphalt pavement will not easy to water seepage from the pulp during a long time usage in rainy weather conditions, , but also to prevent freezing and thawing.  

Usage amount:

1.0.3% of the asphalt mixture material, means 3kg/ ton of asphalt mixture material.for road side generally need 0.35%, means mixing 3.5kg/ton in asphalt mixture,  customers also can increase or decrease according to quality requirements.

2. Adding method: Heat the aggregate to 170-180 C, add the additive directly into the pot and Uniform mixing. 





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