Super Slow Setting Type Asphalt Emulsifier (cationic)

Super Slow Setting Type Asphalt Emulsifier (cationic)

super slow setting type asphalt emulsifier SM-LLL(cationic) Characteristics: 1. It has good construction of demulsification which is easy for operate. 2. With the aggregate adhesion of nearly 100%. 3. Emulsification without acid.

Product Details

super slow setting type asphalt emulsifier SM-LLL(cationic)

Product Specification:


Asphalt emulsifier SM-LLL(cationic)

Test item


Test result


Creamy white paste or wax








Solvent water%



PH value (1% aqueous solution)



Water solubility

Soluble and no impurities in room temperature water



1. It has good construction of demulsification which is easy for operate.

2. With the aggregate adhesion of nearly 100%.

3. Emulsification without acid.


1. It has excellent compatibility with SBS, the emulsified asphalt can be used for SBS latex modified.

2. Its emulsified asphalt can be applied to the following items:

1) road pavement oil;

2) slurry seal;

3) RAP emulsified asphalt regeneration application;

Reference dosage:

The total amount of the emulsion 1.5-2%.Please ask the technician to test for the best dosage according to the asphalt label and brand.


How to distinguish asphalt emulsifier anion type from cation type?

Answer:Cationic bitumen emulsifier has a positive charge when as emulsified asphalt.Anionic bitumen emulsifiers are generally organic acids and salts.Both of them are surfactants, which can effectively reduce the interfacial tension of different phases and achieve the goal of emulsification.When two emulsifiers are used in a mixture of emulsified asphalt, they encourage each other to break apart。In other words, anionic emulsifiers and cationic emulsifiers generally cannot be used together, but there are exceptions.

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Q1.How long is the lead time once starts a new order?

The leading time is 20 days.

Q2.Do you have a specific product quality control system?  

Yes! The strictly quality control system carry out in every link from raw material to delivery 

Q3. Do you accept customized packing marks? What is the bag material?

Customized packing can be accepted

Q4. How fast can you dispatch the appointed sample?

Sample will post out Within 3 days

We can order the production plant or OEM, according to customer demand for products LOGO and small packaging, We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our factory and become our long-term partner. 

Our service:

Service concept: 

Sincere, professional, efficient, faithful.

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Service target:

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Pre-sales service:

Composed of several excellent sales engineers, we recommend and select the most suitable products for our customers.

Technical support:

With a good background of education, many years of experience, provide the user with equipment confirmation, system project plan and technology update and product upgrade and other services.

Project manager:

Conduct order tracking and execute one-to-one service to customers until the product is delivered to customers.




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