emulsifier for bitumen emulsion

Slow setting- rapid solidification type SM-LS(cationic) The newest asphalt emulsifier for micro-surfacing construction SM-LS (80%) with 4 types according to the weather condition . (Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter) . Performance as below :1. initial setting within 15 minutes;final setting within...

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Slow setting- rapid solidification type SM-LS(cationic)

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Slow crack rapid solidification type  SM-LS (cationic)
Micro surfacing construction(1hour concretion)

Test project


Test result


Creamy white paste or wax











Alcohol assisted solvent



PH(1%water solution)



Water solubility

easy to dissolve with no impurities under 

warm water 40-60C.the solution is stable after cooling


The newest asphalt emulsifier for micro-surfacing construction SM-LS (80%) with 4 types according to the weather condition .

(Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter) .

Performance as below :1. initial setting within 15 minutes;final setting within 55minutes 2. open to traffic within 1 hour 3. allowed to mixing for 6 minutes 4. 100% meet the standard of the aggregates cohesion test 5.Dosage (60% -70% asphalt concentration) : 1.2-1.5% (normal asphalt); 2-3% ( modified asphalt)

Emulsified asphalt is means the asphalt,emulsifier and water together under the certain process to become liquid asphalt which is in oil in water or water in oil condision . 

Emulsified asphalt is normally used at high temperature of asphalt road, through mechanical mixing and chemical stability method - emulsification, diffusion into the water and liquefaction at room temperature to become a very good a road building material which with low viscosity and good liquidity function.It can be used under common temperature and also can be used togetehr with cold and wet stone material.

Our New asphalt emulsifiers including Rapid setting type, Slow setting type, Medium setting type,super slow setting type,Slow crack rapid solidification type and nonionic emulsifier for remixed formulation. Our products can solve your needs of emulsification and application requirements by different schemes, there are several optional basic type, can be used alone and also can be based on the need to meet with the complex use of emulsifiers with different cracking speed requirements of asphalt emulsion, let the asphalt particles uniformly dispersed in the water solution which mixing with emulsifer then to get the stable emulsion.Products used by domestic and foreign customers for long-term and get very good feedback, can be comparable with any global brand of emulsifier.

Below types of emulsifier is used for asphalt emulsion.clients can flexible collocation of various emulsifiers according to their needs, in order to meet the requirements of demulsification speed. For example: SM-LM mix with SM-LLL,can slow the demulsification speed; mix with SM-LF,can fast the demulsification speed. During the process of asphalt emulsion, can Increase emulsification if used together with SM3B/SM-LS.The dosage of Compound emulsifier will be around 0.3-0.5% of the asphalt emulsion, it is better to test by client for the exactly dosage according the different quality of asphalt and the solidification speed. This series of products can be used for routine emulsified asphalt preparation, preparation of cold mix type high content of emulsified asphalt (instead of hot asphalt), also can used in asphalt concrete production process , welcome the industry professionals to discuss cooperation. 

Special declaration: all below types no need any acid during the emulsion process,and also will have Anti-corrosion effect for the equipment. 





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