Asphalt Performance Improving Agent

Asphalt Performance Improving Agent

Asphalt performance improving agent SMT Series Application: 1. Enhance pavement service life: add the additive in the hot asphalt mixing process, melting, mixing, then spreading on the pavement,can greatly improving the pavement life times. 2. Rutting resistance on asphalt pavement : excellent rebound effect, can prevent the gene

Product Details

Asphalt performance improving agent SMT Series

Product Details:

This bituminous mixture additives is black powder solid and made from several kinds of refined polymer through compounding,drying and pulverization.

PrincipleIt greatly improves the high temperature stability of asphalt pavement by surface adhesion, reinforcement(forming net surface effect), and the filling to elastic recovery of asphalt.and meanwhile improve the water stability and low temperature crack resistance and durability,also has the function of preventing the phenomenon of rutting, anti crack function, greatly delay the pavement damage and reduce the cost of repair, also providing the effective and practical and more economical methods through solving the asphalt pavement quality .

This series of products has 2 types :

SMT-28Lnormal typeand SMT-100LRefined type) .

SMT-100L with more better waterproof performance, can make the asphalt pavement more durable.


Melting point:

SMT-28L 150

SMT-100L 175

tensile strength

SMT-28L 24-26MPa

SMT-100L 28-32 MPa

Thawing index:



1. Enhance pavement service life: add the additive in the hot asphalt mixing process, melting, mixing, then spreading on the pavement,can greatly improving the pavement life times.

2. Rutting resistance on asphalt pavement : excellent rebound effect, can prevent the generation of rutting.

3. Waterproof and resistance on freezing and thawing: Asphalt pavement will not easy to water seepage from the pulp during a long time usage in rainy weather conditions, , but also to prevent freezing and thawing.

Usage amount:

1.0.3% of the asphalt mixture material, means 3kg/ ton of asphalt mixture material.for road side generally need 0.35%, means mixing 3.5kg/ton in asphalt mixture, customers also can increase or decrease paccording to quality requirements.

2. Adding method: Heat the aggregate to 170-180 C, add the additive directly into the pot and Uniform mixing.

The ways and methods involved in improving pavement performance are very extensive. It is a complex system engineering to prolong the service life of urban road asphalt pavement. It is necessary to strictly check the material selection, structure design, construction organization, quality control and other links to improve the quality of the pavement in general. Only in this way can we ensure the service life of urban road asphalt pavement, ensure the good service ability of urban roads, and provide maximum convenience for people's travel.


Company Introduction

SIMO Research Institute Of Organic Chemistry is a professional scientific research institution ,which is engaged in the synthesis&application of new surfactants and its derivative functional chemicals "road engineering chemicals, concrete additives, emulsion polymerization emulsifier, oil field chemicals, stone and fiber processing agent .

Zhejiang Simo Petroleum Engineering Services Co., Ltd. is affiliated to the Shaoxing Shangyu Simo Research Institute of Organic Chemistry . It is based on the research and development advantages of research institutes in the field of colloidal and interface chemical materials. It is a service company which specializes in oil extraction engineering technology research and material supply. There are unique aspects in enhanced oil recovery. All the oilfield chemical materials supplied are from the technical transformation production base of the research institute to ensure the quality and supply capacity of chemical materials. The engineering company has a series of product evaluation methods and custom samples and provide related functional .

Jiangxi SIMO Biological Chemical Co. Ltd is the main base of effecitively turning our Institute’s technology into prodductive forces. The production base area is 36000 square meters, the workshop 20000 suare meters.



Head Office: SIMO Research Institute of Organic Chemistry
Add:Room 1202, Jincheng Building, Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province, China
Production base: Jiangxi SIMO Biological Chemical Co.,Ltd. 
Import & export company : Shan Kon Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd.


Our service:

Pre-sale service
1, we pay most attention to timeliness, commit to any buyers: We will 24 hours online answer the phone, and answer any questions relating to the asphalt for customers, ensure that customers in the hope of time, get our high quality goods. 
2, the quality is not only our company to discuss the project. Do we force is customer satisfaction of quality goods, all products are in accordance with the label, standardized management, good faith business! 
3, if the customer need the sample, we will arrange the samples in the shortest possible time to send, in order to show the sincerity of cooperation, the sample charge and freight shall be borne by us. 
The delivery process
Your phone, our price and samples, your deposit, the goods to your hands - the balance payment
After-sales service
Sell the goods, does not mean no going back and forth between us. We are looking forward to, after you use our products, will once again choose handan delay gold trading company! 


Q1: Are you factory or trader? 

A: We’re factory. So we have the advantage of factory’s price, as well as the advantage of risk control and responsibility!

Q2: What’s your MOQ?
A: Usually, our MOQ is 200Kg.

Q3: How many payment terms do you support?

A: Alibaba Trade Assurance, T/T, L/C, PayPal, West Union, etc.

Q4: What’s your normal delivery time?

A: About two weeks after payment.

Q5: How can I get a sample?

A: Free samples can be provided to you by FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS or EMS. Usually, the quantity of free sample is 300-700g.Or if you need really more, it’s also ok. But pls note, the express cost is paid by the buyers.

Q6: If there are some problems with your products, how to solve it?

A: First, we will be responsible for all the products; If you use Trade Assurance, Alibaba will compensate it to protect your profits.



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