stiffening agents textiles

    • Wax Dissolving Agents
      Wax Dissolving Agents

      Wax dissolving agents SM-QL-100 (oily) Other name :wax cleaning chemical Characteristics: raid dissolving for wax under 60-80...

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    • antimicrobial agents
      antimicrobial agents

      Anti-corrosion antimicrobial agent SM-KJ-80 Features: 1.Strong bactericidal ability, also has an excellent ability to suppress...

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    • textile stiffening agent
      textile stiffening agent

      Environment-protective stiffening agent SH-Y(Concentration) Characteristic: Appearance: Ivory-white thick liquid Content:...

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    • mould release agents
      mould release agents

      Printing mould release agent SY-T Performance: 1. The product is the water-loving surfactant aiming to the printing mould...

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    • water treatment agents
      water treatment agents

      Circulation loop cleaning agent Nature: Appearance: white powder The total phosphate(to PO3-4)content: ≥18.0% PH(1% aqueous...

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