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pesticide formulation additives

    • APEO AN Series
      APEO AN Series

      Polyoxyethylene alkyl naphthol AN series Properties: Appearance: yellow-brown viscous liquid to light yellow-brown flake...

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    • pesticide emulsifier
      pesticide emulsifier

      Pesticide emulsifier 0202-C Nature: Appearance: light yellow to yellow brown viscous liquid PH value (1%aqueous solution25℃):...

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    • Wetting emulsifier
      Wetting emulsifier

      Wetting emulsifier SG-2 (Polyoxyethylene ether siloxane) Features: Super low surface / interface tension. Application: 1.Used...

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    • agricultural emulsifier no.600
      agricultural emulsifier no.600

      Agricultural emulsifier 600 CAS NO.99734-09-5 Chemical composition :Tristyrylphenol ethoxylates Products standard: Feature and...

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