oil displacing agent

    • dispersing agent in dyeing
      dispersing agent in dyeing

      Dispersing agent DN ( CAS.NO : 36290-04-7 ) Another name: Water-decreasing Agent UNF-2 Nature: Appearance: brown powder Water...

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    • Foaming Agent
      Foaming Agent

      Foaming agent SM -PM Usage: It is used as foaming agent in flotation separation process of various minerals.

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    • flotation agent chemical
      flotation agent chemical

      C O A Application & Characteristic: 1. Used for Bauxite flotation-In the process of bauxite flotation and separation of...

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    • abstergent agent
      abstergent agent

      N onylphenol polyoxyethylene ether phosphoric monoester ethanolamine salt Another name: Phenol ether phosphoric acid...

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    • textile penetrating agent
      textile penetrating agent

      E thylene glycol monobutyl ether phosphate sodium salt Another name: Mercerizing osmotic DP Nature: Appearance: brown or light...

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    • Emulsifier wetting agent
      Emulsifier wetting agent

      Polyoxyethylene alkyl naphthol AN series Product name: Polyoxyethylene alkyl naphthol Properties: Appearance: yellow-brown...

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    • Penetrating oil
      Penetrating oil

      Penetrating oil Nature: Appearance: clay bank or reddish brown clear sticky liquid Waiter solubility: be easily soluble in...

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    • fixing agent for dyeing
      fixing agent for dyeing

      Fixing Agent Y ( CAS NO.26591-12-8 ) Another name: Color fix Nature: Appearance: colorless or white powder Water solubility:...

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    • Emulsifier and Wetting Agent
      Emulsifier and Wetting Agent

      Wetting emulsifier SG-2 (Polyoxyethylene ether siloxane) Features: Super low surface / interface tension. Application: 1.Used...

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    • chelating agent surfactant
      chelating agent surfactant

      Chelating surfactant SE-1( Alkyl ethylene-diamine-tetraacetic acid sodium salt(C12-18) ) Application: 1 The components of...

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