Oil Field Chemicals

  • Water Blocking Agent

    Water Blocking Agent

    Water blocking agent SM-DS-JL Water blocking colloidal particle Application: Used for solving the water plugging problems in...

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  • Anti-sloughing Agent

    Anti-sloughing Agent

    Anti-collapse agent SM-FT-100 Self-emulsified white asphalt Application: instead of black asphalt when working in wells.

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  • Sludge Inhibitor

    Sludge Inhibitor

    Anti-slag agent SM-FZ-45 Anti-slag agent SM-FZ-45 Characteristic: Resistant to strong acids. Application: In the fracturing...

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  • Oil Displacing Agent

    Oil Displacing Agent

    High Viscosity Oilfield Oil Displacing Agent SM-CY-Y80B Characteristic: 1. Excellent high and low temperature oil carrying...

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  • Mutual Solvent

    Mutual Solvent

    Mutual solvent SM-HR-100 Application: 1.After acidizing , it is mixed with light oil and used as mutual solution to treat rock...

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  • Potassium Formate

    Potassium Formate

    Potassium formate/ sodium formate CAS : 590-29-4 Application: 1. It mainly used for petroleum drilling industry. 2. It used as...

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  • Drag Reducer Agent

    Drag Reducer Agent

    Drag Reducer SM-JZ-100 Application: 1. Improve the mobility of the gathering and transportation, and reduce the phenomenon of...

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  • Pour Point Depressant

    Pour Point Depressant

    Pour Point Depressant SM-JR-100 Application: Reduce the freezing point of wax and prevent sedimentation and blockage during...

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  • Pipe Freeing Agent

    Pipe Freeing Agent

    Pipe freeing agent SM-JK-100 Application: Pipe-sticking treatment during drilling process.

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  • Asphaltene Dispersant

    Asphaltene Dispersant

    Asphaltene dispersant SM-FS-80 Asphaltene dispersant SM-FS-80 Characteristics: Water and oil dissolving . Application: 1.It...

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  • Zwitterionic Polyacrylamide

    Zwitterionic Polyacrylamide

    Zwitterionic polyacrylamide

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  • Foaming Agent

    Foaming Agent

    High temperature resistant foaming agent SM-PM-40A Characteristics: 1.Mineralized water resistance. 2.High temperature...

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