Made In China Corrosion Inhibitor

Made In China Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion inhibitor SM-KJ-80C Anti corrosion agents SM-KJ-80C Characteristic: 1. Has excellent anti-corrosion effect; 2. Excellent water dispersibility and metal adsorption capacity; 3. Has excellent biodegradability and does not affect the biodegradation of water. Usage method: Dilute this...

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Corrosion inhibitor SM-KJ-80C


What does Corrosion Inhibitor mean?

A corrosion inhibitor is a substance which, when added to an environment in a small concentration, effectively reduces the corrosion rate of a metal exposed to that environment.

There are three types of corrosion inhibitors: 

  • Anodic inhibitors

  • Cathodic inhibitors

  • Mixed inhibitors

Anti corrosion agents SM-KJ-80C

Sample name


Corrosion inhibitor SM-KJ-80C

Test project






Yellow brown   flowing liquid










PHValue(1%water   solution)





Dispersible in   water


Ionic Compatibility

Anionic, cationic, non-ionic chemicals are compatible


1. Has excellent anti-corrosion effect;
2. Excellent water dispersibility and metal adsorption capacity;
3. Has excellent biodegradability and does not affect the biodegradation of water.

Usage method:
Dilute this product to about 10% dilution (has a certain degree of consistency, but can not be diluted too thick), determine the dosage by experiment, the dosage after dilution is usually by 20-150PPM.

Q1:Can i get free samples?

we can provide you a ceratin amount of free samples,please contcacty us directly.

Q2:How can i get the price ?
Please give us the exact quantity,packing,destination port and other necessary information,we will give you quotation according to your specific requirments.

Q3:I am not sure whether your product is appropriate in my case,what should i do?

The best way is according to your usage,we suggest you some samples,if you check is ok ,we will quote a price for you if you are satisfactory after the confirmation ,you can place an order.

Q4:I am a small wholesaler ,do you accept a small order ?

It is on problem if you are a small wholesaler,we would you like to grow up with together.

Q5:How to use ?

we have the product details,if also not very clearly,so contact us now.

Q6:How to become your agent in our area?

1.when we have done business with adequate large orders and estabilished a trusting relationship,we can discuss about setting up a foreign agent.

2.if you have a large quantity in your area,we can consider setting up an agent there.

Q7: Tell me your MOQ ?

we can accept 500kg of the MOQ.

Q8:What is your production capacity ?

Now we have developed our manufactuing capacity to 3000MT per month.

Q9:How can you ensure the quality of your product ?

1.quality is the foundation of our company,we have been engaging in this field since 1999,with the certification of ISO9001,work safety standardization,intertek quality ensurance is the reason why we can thrive in the curel competitionand establish long term cooperation with many foreign customers and also the home customers.

2. we promise that bulk production is of the same quality as the sample ,and you can request a third party company ,such as SGS , to inspect and test the bulk cargo before shipment. ( you should bear the inspection expense )


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