Filtrate Reducers

Fluorocarbon Surfactants SM-FC-70 This product is a cationic fluorosurfactant used in detergents, coatings, cationic dye additives, emulsifiers, dispersants, wetting agents, fungicides, oil collectors, foaming agents, anti-static agent and other industries. 1. Reduce the surface tension of the...

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Filtrate reducers SM-JL-160


Product name

filtrate reducers SM-JL-160






Beige powder

 Attention   moisture

Effective content (%)


PH value (1% aqueous solution)


Water solubilty

soluble in water

Ionic property


Apparent viscosity mPa.s


Base pulp + 0.5% apparent viscosity, mPa.s




Note: Base slurry formula: 4% bentonite + 4% soil evaluation + 0.16%   sodium carbonate


The filtrate loss(ml) after 16hrs aging under 180







1.Has good resistance for temperature, salt, calcium and shearing;

2 .Has good dispersion properties and heat dissipating capability for heat conduction;

3 .Has anti-interference ability of the external environment with good chemical stability;

4. Good salt resistance, high valence ion sensitivity and excellent thermal stability;

5. It does not corrode drill and ground circulation equipment;

6. Can be used in deep wells, ultra-deep wells and high salinity brine, can also be used for low solid phase, solid-phase completion fluid of viscosity increasing, shear stripping filtrate reducers;

7. It is suitable for different water quality and can effectively control the filtrate loss in freshwater, salt water and seawater drilling fluid. The filter cake has good quality and good compatibility. It can be used with various treatment agents and is suitable for various water-based drilling fluid systems .



Used in the process of drilling operations, the amount of fresh water slurry is generally 0.3-1%, 1-2% salt water slurry. Directly put into the circulation of pulp, can also be formulated into glue to join.







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