Demulsifier Poly(2-hydroxypropyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride) in Oilfield

Poly-2-hydroxypropyl dimethyl ammonium chloride Specification indexes Appearance: Light color transparent viscous liquidPH :7-9 Solid content(Solids/%) :70±2 Characteristic: High temperature resistance,anti-shear. It is not sensitive to PH value. Dissolve in water wirh any proportion. Usage a nd...

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Poly-2-hydroxypropyl dimethyl ammonium chloride

Specification indexesAppearance:  Light color transparent viscous liquidPH :7-9 Solid content(Solids/%) :70±2 

Characteristic:High temperature resistance,anti-shear. It is not sensitive to PH value. Dissolve in water wirh any proportion. 

Usage and advantage1. Poly - 2 - hydroxypropyl dimethyl ammonium chloride is a good demulsifier, Commonly used in oily wastewater treatment.2. It is widely used in fields of oil gathering  as expansion agent , Clay expansion rate is above 90%.3. It can be used as a biocide in the cooling water system,  killing all various kinds of algaes or inhibiting their growth .it s a effective sticky mud control agent.





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