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Anti-blocking agent SJ-1 Nature: Appearance: white solid (colorless liquid or light yellow liquid solution)CIO2%: ≥2PH(solution): >8.0Density(solution)(20℃)g/cm3: 1.03~1.08 Feature: 1. Use surfactant displacing agent remove plugging.2. Lift the reservoir gap clogging, provide a prerequisite for...

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Anti-blocking agent SJ-1

Nature:Appearance: white solid (colorless liquid or light yellow liquid solution)CIO2%: ≥2PH(solution): >8.0Density(solution)(20℃)g/cm3: 1.03~1.08 

Feature:1. Use surfactant displacing agent remove plugging.2. Lift the reservoir gap clogging,  provide a prerequisite for the increase.3. Compatibility is good, practical.4. Solid chlorine dioxide + environmentally friendly solid activator technology to solve the acid  activation leads to secondary plug the wells, equipment corrosion and environmental pollution.5. Pumped into underground process is simple, safe and reliable, easy to operate.

Product introduction:Well Plugging problems are endemic, and well plugging caused damage to the oil and gas reservoirs for a variety of oil field operations, and our company after the experiments and research to develop a the oilfield composite plugging agent. 

Mechanism of action:1.Using Strong oxidizing bactericidal properties of chlorine dioxide and activator synergy, eliminate the polyacrylamide (HPAM) gel particles, sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB), saprophytic bacteria (TGB), and iron bacteria (IB) and sulfide bacteria which caused the blockages of polymer injection wells, injection wells near the hole formation. 2.After Chlorine dioxide into the ground, it can quickly oxidate and degradate all kinds of organic polymer which are residues near wellbore in the construction measures of drilling, fracturing, water control and others. Its viscosity greatly reduced liquidity better, discharge from the formation. React with Sulfide ferrous dirt, generate soluble iron salts.3.Chlorine dioxide and ferrous sulfide scale react with each other to generate the soluble iron salts, to prevent the secondary precipitation of ferrous sulfide, and clear in recent ability to penetrate the formation, thus Injection pressure by the same time to eliminate the harmful gases produced by the acidification stage sulfur dioxide, which can reduce the residual acid corrosion of steel. Kill fungi, decomposed sulfide. 4.Chlorine dioxide can efficiently kill the bacteria in the water injection system in the formation water, decomposed clear their secretions, water purification, reducing the content of the azimuthally zone sediments to ease the near-wellbore formation plugging, reducing the pressure of the injection well, reducing the wells operations number of times ,  larger effect. Water injection to maintain low concentrations of chlorine dioxide cleaning system and long-term control the pipeline corrosion and reservoir obstruction produce further improve the effects of oil field water. 

Usage and dosage:1. Through the casing to make the preflush 5~ 10T injected underground2. Main agent and adjuvant ground activation, the generation of the working fluid into the formation through the casing once and for all3. Through the sleeve to make the rear fluid 5 ~10T injected underground (activated after plugging removal agent squeezed into the perforations)4. Shut-in 4 ~ 12 hours then resume production5. Dring the using process , wear with good overalls, safety glasses, gloves and masks, pay attention to the protection of labor safety 

Packaging Transportation and Storage: 

Special bags (25kg / bag). Transport process should avoid the rain, damp, damaged; Use process strong corrosive, prevent burns; Prohibited mixing placement and transport of the main and auxiliary reagent ; Pay attention to never store and transparent with acid matter. The product should be stored in clean, dry and ventilated place.





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