What Is Emulsified Asphalt?

- Aug 23, 2017 -

Emulsified Asphalt Definition: Emulsified asphalt particles (1-6μm) dispersed in the emulsifier in the water medium made of the emulsion, without heating, you can mix asphalt, asphalt mortar, asphalt concrete.

The asphalt particles are uniformly dispersed in a stable emulsion obtained in an aqueous solution containing an emulsifier. Emulsified asphalt is a kind of road building material which is usually used at high temperature as a road asphalt, which is mechanically stirred and chemically stabilized (emulsified), diffused into water and liquefied into a very low viscosity at room temperature and very good fluidity. It can be used at room temperature and can be used with cold and damp stone. When the emulsified asphalt demulsification is solidified - it is reduced to continuous asphalt and the moisture is completely removed, and the final strength of the road material can be formed. In many road construction applications, emulsified asphalt provides a safer, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly system for hot asphalt, as this process avoids high temperature operation, heating and harmful emissions. Emulsified asphalt is mainly used for road upgrading and maintenance, such as stone cuttings, as well as a variety of unique, other asphalt material irreplaceable applications such as cold mix, slurry seal. Emulsified asphalt can also be used for new road construction, such as sticky oil, through oil and so on.


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