What Are The Hazards Of Flotation Agents?

- May 24, 2017 -

In the flotation process, the excessive risk of pharmacy is often overlooked. Many people for the flotation of the concept of excessive overdraft is not much feeling, do not know the impact and consequences, in fact, practical experience has shown that the decline in flotation index, there are many cases due to excessive flotation agents caused. In other words, the quality of flotation is affected by the amount of flotation agent, and today, Zhenbei small series will come for everyone to explain in detail about the flotation agent over four different aspects of the harm.

Overdose of collector.

① destruction of the flotation process of selectivity. A large number of test and production practice has proved that when the collector dosage exceeds a certain range, the concentrate grade will be significantly reduced. Even if the recovery rate is slightly improved, but also worth the candle;

② excessive collector will give further refinement of foam concentrate and mixed concentrate separation difficult. In this case, the scene often take more adjustment agent approach to remedy. Due to more adjustment agent, containing excessive pharmaceutical in the mine and return to the process, the formation of a vicious cycle. Resulting in flotation process, reducing the flotation index. In addition, due to excessive collector, the amount of inhibitor should also increase, for example, excessive xanthate, inhibitor cyanide dosage should also increase, which not only wasted the pharmaceutical, but also the tailings of toxic agents increased, causing pollution;

③ excessive collector can make some minerals floatability decline. For example, an excess of fatty acid collector will cause the floatability of the oxidized ore to drop. This is due to the collector in the mineral surface to form a multi-layer adsorption of the reverse layer, the polar base but outward, so that the surface of the mineral caused by hydrophilic;

④ excessive collector will also form a large number of foam leaving the concentrate and tailings is not easy to dehydration, to enrich and filter difficult.

Inhibitor overdose.

When the inhibitor is excessive, the minerals to be floated may also be inhibited at the same time as the suppressed minerals, resulting in a decrease in the recovery rate. At this time, in order to improve the floating capacity of floating minerals, it is necessary to increase the amount of collector.

Excessive activator hazards.

This not only destroys the selectivity of the flotation process, but may also precipitate with the collector to produce a large amount of collector. For example, when activated sphalerite, such as excessive copper sulfate, excess copper sulfate produced by copper ions in the pulp and xanthate generated xanthate copper precipitation and increased unnecessary consumption.

Overpayment of foaming agent.

Will cause a lot of sticky and thin bubbles, easy to make the gangue minerals adhere to the bubbles on the impact of concentrate grade. If the ore contains more mud, it will form a large number of sticky foam, easily lead to "runway" accident, a large number of concentrates will overflow the bubble tank, resulting in production operations chaos.

The strict control of the dosage of the agent is an important factor to improve the flotation process index. Excessive pharmaceuticals destroy the selectivity of the flotation process and increase the beneficiation cost, which directly or indirectly brings difficulties to the flotation process.

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