What Are The Chemicals Used In Oil Field Chemicals?(二)

- Jul 22, 2017 -

Oil Field Chemicals used to extract oil from the bottom of the well to the ground (including measures to increase production). It mainly contains paraffin remover, fracturing fluid, acidizing fluid and water shutoff agent.

3. acidizing fluid

Mainly hydrochloric acid and soil acid (usually use 8% ~ 12% hydrochloric acid plus 2% to 4% hydrofluoric acid mixed acid). For deep penetration, with foam acid and emulsified acid, the latest mitigation measure is the use of high strength gel acids. In order to increase the ability of oil and suspended sludge ability, micelle acid. In order to restrain acid corrosion, propargyl alcohol, imidazoline and quaternary ammonium salt were used as corrosion inhibitors. The dissolution rate of benzoic acid varies with temperature and can be used to seal the high permeable layer. It can be sublimated and can be used as an oil and gas well acidizing diverting agent, so that the acid solution enters the target horizon.

4. water plugging agent

When the well is seriously out of water, it will cause flooding and need water plugging. Water glass, calcium chloride and polyacrylamide gel can seal out the effluent horizon. The selective water shutoff agent for the same layer of water is still under study.

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