What Are The Chemicals Used In Oil Field Chemicals?(一)

- Jul 22, 2017 -

Oil Field Chemicals used to extract oil from the bottom of the well to the ground (including measures to increase production). It mainly contains paraffin remover, fracturing fluid, acidizing fluid and water shutoff agent.

1. paraffin remover

Adding some crude oil demulsifier at the bottom of the well can prevent paraffin from depositing near the tubing wall and bottom hole, thus reducing the number of wax cleaning and the number of boilers, and making the oil well run smoothly. In the past, organic solvents such as chlorine and sulfur were used as paraffin cleaning agents, which were not only toxic to people, but also to make oil refining catalysts toxic and were no longer used.

2. clean fracturing fluid 

When the permeability of oil production layer is low or seriously polluted by mud, the production of fracturing, acidizing and other stimulation operations should be carried out to improve oil and gas well productivity and injectivity of injection well. In order to pressure formation, crack extension, carrying proppant, according to the use of water-based and oil-based and acid fracturing fluid reservoir conditions. The fracturing fluid first used the river water and then converted to thickening water, and it developed into gel. Gel fracturing fluid is thickened with thickener and thickened with cross-linking agent. It can improve sand carrying capacity. Fracturing fluid contains enzymes and / or ammonium persulfate and other gelling agents, is conducive to carrying proppant to the destination after the rapid reduction of viscosity, and back to the ground. In the United States, guar gum (guar gum) is used as thickener, and chemical modified guar gum has few insoluble residues and quick dissolution rate. Sesbania gum in China has similar chemical composition with guar gum (galactomannan) and is used as thickener. Polyacrylamide can be used as high viscosity and low residue fracturing fluid.

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