The Definition And Components Of Naphthalene Sulfonate

- Jan 04, 2018 -

The definition of naphthalene sulfonate :

The material is harmful to the environment and can cause pollution to the water body and atmosphere, and the acid rain is easily formed in atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric physical changes. So when the PH value to below 5, can cause serious harm to animals and plants, fish breeding and development will be severely affected, basin sediment in soil and water metal poisoning fish can be dissolved into water. The acidification of water can also lead to changes in the composition of aquatic organisms. The acid-tolerant algae and fungi are increased, while there are fewer root plants, bacteria and vertebrates, and the decomposition rate of organic matter is reduced. Acidification can cause severe loss or death of fish in lakes and rivers.

Chemical Chinese name: beta-naphthalene sulfonic acid

Chemical English name:

Chinese name: 2. 2-naphthalene sulfonic acid; 2- naphthalene sulfonic acid, three water; Beta - naphthalene sulfonic acid

2-naphthalene sulfonic acid

Technical specification: 1828

Molecular weight: 208.24

Composition/composition information


Beta-naphthalene sulfonate 120-18-3

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