The Amount Of Emulsifier Used

- May 24, 2017 -

Emulsifier with less, emulsifying effect is not good, asphalt particles in the size of uneven size, the system's storage stability decreased; use more, so that production costs, resulting in waste. The effect of the amount of emulsifier on the storage stability of asphalt emulsified asphalt was investigated, and the optimum amount of emulsifier could be determined. In modified asphalt, the content of SBS latex is 6% of the total material. When the amount of emulsifier is in the range of 4% -8%, the storage stability of emulsified asphalt varies greatly with the amount of emulsifier. When the dosage is more than 8%, the storage temperature of emulsified asphalt is almost constant, and the emulsion Which has good storage stability. For the modified emulsified asphalt with 6% SBS latex, the storage stability of the emulsifier is less than 1%, the dosage of the emulsifier is more than 1%, the emulsifier is more than 1% The amount of the agent has little effect on the storage stability of the modified emulsified asphalt and the system is stable.

When the amount of emulsifier is small, the emulsifier can not make the surface tension of water fully reduced, asphalt and water is almost direct contact, the emulsification effect is not good, so the stability is poor; with the increase of emulsification measurement, asphalt emulsion gradually began to In a stable state, the hydrophilic and lipophilic groups of the emulsifier molecules are combined with water and modified asphalt. When the amount of emulsifier is increased and the stability of asphalt emulsion is not changed, it shows that the emulsifier content in asphalt emulsion has reached the critical micelle concentration.

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