Standard Test Method For Asphalt Emulsification

- May 24, 2017 -

Emulsified asphalt is the asphalt, water, asphalt emulsifier, stabilizer, etc. according to a certain proportion, in a moderate temperature conditions to fine asphalt particles dispersed in water to form a relatively stable emulsion. In order to prepare such emulsions there is a need for strong dispersion equipment, usually using a dispersing device with a simple stirrer, colloid mill, homogenizer and the like. The use of homogenizer, the specific emulsification process: first asphalt emulsifier, stabilizer and other additives added to the amount of water prepared into the emulsifier solution, and then prepared the emulsifier solution heated to 60 ℃ -70 ℃, And then preheated to 130-150 ° C of the asphalt in the shear state (3000-5000r / min) in batches into the emulsifier solution prepared asphalt emulsion, to be hot asphalt emulsion after natural cooling defoaming obtained emulsified asphalt Solution.

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