Recognize The Major Challenges Of Investing In Canadian Oil Sands

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Canadian oil sands are a very important component of the world's unconventional oil and gas resources and have attracted significant investment in recent years. At present, the Canadian oil sands industry development status in the end how? What have changed recently? This requires us to have a clearer understanding.


Canadian oil sands are rich in resources. Based on the evaluation results of several research institutions, the estimated reserves of oil sands in Canada are about 173.38 billion barrels, and the amount of oil sands is about 1.8 trillion barrels, accounting for the total amount of world oil sands and the total amount of world oil sands 80% and 84% respectively. However, the development of Canadian oil sands resources is still at a very low level. According to the Canadian National Energy Commission (NEB) statistics, as of the end of 2012, Canada's cumulative production of oil sands was 7.511 billion barrels, accounting for only 4.25% of the total oil reserves in Canada, the development potential is huge.

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