Modifier Added To The Way

- May 24, 2017 -

SBS can be mixed evenly with asphalt by shearing. The role of cutting In addition to the asphalt and SBS mixed evenly, there is a role is to mix SBS evenly, there is a role is to cut the large particles of SBS small particles to improve the compatibility of SBS and asphalt. However, if the accumulation of star SBS density is low, then through the mixing method can also achieve the star SBS and asphalt macromolecular miscible purpose. The effects of the addition of SBS on the properties of modified asphalt were studied under the condition of full child. Mixing with 2h. Cut by shear for 30 min. Shear rates were asked 2000r / min and 3000r / min, the other conditions are exactly the same.

The softening point of the modified asphalt was the lowest, the penetration rate was the lowest, the elongation was the lowest after the aging of the film oven and the aging of the film oven, and the compatibility of the modified asphalt was the worst, and the softening spread was the highest Way, the higher the shearing rate, the higher the softening point of the modified asphalt, the penetration degree is basically the same within the error range. The higher the shear rate, the higher the elongation of the film oven before the aging of the film oven, especially the improvement of the shear rate after the aging of the film oven. However, it can be seen that the SBS particles are finer and the stability of the modified asphalt is better.

There are many factors that affect the nature of modified asphalt. Not only the amount of addition of the formulation, such as the amount of compatibilizer, the amount of SBS added, the amount of stabilizer added, the reaction conditions including the reaction temperature, the shear rate, and the addition of the stabilizer and the modifier to the modified asphalt There is a significant impact, especially the number of times the stabilizer is added and the modifier's addition to the properties of the modification effort is particularly significant, which may be the same formula and the same process conditions, the nature of the modified asphalt The larger cause of the difference. So the production of modified strength, definitely not a good recipe will be able to get a good modified asphalt, but also need to optimize a number of process conditions. In order to achieve both to reduce the amount of SBS added to reduce the amount of stabilizer added, but also to achieve good quality of the modified, rather than the addition of modifier, the better the nature of modified asphalt. As long as the optimization of a good process conditions, less SBS can also achieve high SBS content can be modified asphalt properties.

In the road construction of SBS modified asphalt emulsification need to increase the amount of asphalt emulsifier, the specific amount should be done after a small experiment to determine the mass production.

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