How To Use The Delusterant? How To Use The Delustering Agent?

- May 13, 2018 -

The effect of the absorber is to change the surface roughness and reduce the surface gloss. The commonly used delusions are ultrafine silicon dioxide, talcum powder, aluminum stearate, calcium stearate and low molecular thermoplastic resin.

The commonly used methods of extinction are:

1. The powder coating with different curing speed is mixed with the dry mixing method, so the luster of the film is significantly reduced, and the effect is reduced.

2. Increase the cellulose acetate in it, and increase the fine powdery low molecular weight polyethylene and polypropylene resin in the polyester powder coating to obtain the powder coating. The effect of coating gloss on production conditions. Due to the increase of thermoplastic resin, the storage stability of powder coatings will be affected, so the increase amount is limited to 2-3% of the resin content.

3. Special curing agent with extinction effect.

4. Add padding with extinction effect.

The application of the absorber has been widely used, and we should increase the understanding of the anti-light agent in order to make better products.

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