Effect Of Emulsifier On Emulsion Stability

- May 24, 2017 -

Asphalt is dispersed into the water to take care of the role of a large interface tension, coupled with the asphalt dispersed into small particles when the surface area increased significantly, so that the production of asphalt emulsion has a high capacity of the state, the resulting emulsion will not Stable, so in the production of emulsified asphalt must be added to the emulsifier to reduce the oil and water interface tension. In order to achieve CA mortar with emulsified asphalt performance requirements, select the appropriate emulsifier is particularly important. The study found that, in practical applications, the use of a single emulsifier effect is not ideal, need a variety of or several emulsifier compound use. At the same time, because the CA mortar mainly by the cement, sand, expansion agent powder composed of dry material system, such as with quick crack or medium crack type emulsified asphalt, demulsification speed, mixing easy to agglomerate into a group, It should use slow cracked emulsified asphalt. The corresponding emulsifier should be used as a slow crack type asphalt emulsifier. In this paper, the optional anionic emulsifier SD-2 for high-caliber CA mortar is an emulsifier with anionic emulsifier and nonionic emulsifier 1: 1.

The amount of emulsifier is small, the emulsifying effect is not good, the size of the asphalt particles in the emulsion is not uniform, the storage stability of the system is decreased; the dosage is large, the cost is increased and the waste is caused. The optimum amount of emulsifier can be determined by examining the effect of the amount of emulsifier on the storage stability of asphalt after emulsification.

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