Application Of Emulsified Asphalt

- May 24, 2017 -

Emulsified asphalt is the asphalt hot melt, after high-speed mechanical shear, with fine particles dispersed in the aqueous solution containing emulsifier, the formation of oil-in-water type of asphalt emulsion. This dispersion of the asphalt as a dispersed phase, water for the continuous phase, at room temperature with good mobility. Its main features are its storage stability, stability in the mixing process, surface treatment and viscosity characteristics and curing speed. Many of these properties work with the particle size and the distribution of particles in the emulsion. This change is a change in the stability of the use of equipment and chemical reagents used with the asphalt model, grade emulsion production.

The particle size of the emulsion is a relatively important parameter, because the particle size becomes more and more dispersed, the better the viscosity of the emulsion, the better the demulsification rate and the bonding properties. However, this also limits the asphalt content in the emulsion, and can affect the curing speed, in general, the particle diameter in the range of 1μm ~ 5μm has the best characteristics.

General emulsions are controlled by equipment and recipes. The use of a suitable emulsifier, the correct control of the emulsifier effect of the emulsion formula, for the production to meet the needs of the emulsion is essential.

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