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Fungicide 5GD18-50 Application : S ulfate-reducing bacteria, iron bacteria and saprophytic bacteria is the most harmful bacteria in the oilfield injection water. They have three different kinds of bacterial characteristics and there is still a certain relationship between each other .This...

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Polymerization of guanidine quaternary ammonium fungicide 5GD18-50


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Yellow brown viscous liquid





PH Value1%water solution




Sulfate-reducing bacteria, iron bacteria and saprophytic bacteria is the most harmful bacteria in the oilfield injection water. They have three different kinds of bacterial characteristics and there is still a certain relationship between each other.This product has extremely good performance for the rate of killing Bacterial in the oilfield injection water. This product is nitrogen-containing cationic surfactant, mainly used as a disinfectant, the general using concentration is 10 ~ 80mg / L.

1. Under the same using conditions, this product has more better killing rate of bacteria for heterotrophic bacteria, iron bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria and saprophytic bacteria than dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium bromide and other commonly used quaternary ammonium fungicide, this product has 99.9% killing rate of  bacteria for heterotrophic bacteria, iron bacteria and sulfate-reducing bacteria, saprophytic  in the amount of 10mg / L.

2. This product can also be used for industrial water treatment system of sterilization algae, slime stripping and system cleaning;

3. Anti-corrosion .



1. Compared with geramine and other quaternary ammonium salt fungicide ,this product has the characteristics of small foam during the using period. 

2.This product has a fishing net effect,  strong ability to sweep bacteria in water,can be no dead roll sweep, covered to kill bacteria;

3.Good affinity for metal, with excellent corrosion resistance.



200KG, 1000KG plastic drum.


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