Sodium p-toluene sulfonate

Sodium p-toluene sulfonate M.F.: C7H7S03Na S.F.: M.W.: 194.14 Standard: Q/320507OGP03-2004 Appearance: White crystalline Technical index: Item Index Activated content ≥% 90.00 Moisture ≤%4.00 Chloride ≤%2.00 PH (1% solution)7-11 Purpose: It is applied in chemical industry and synthetic detergent...

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Sodium p-toluene sulfonate

M.F.: C7H7S03Na

M.W.: 194.14
Standard: Q/320507OGP03-2004
Appearance: White crystalline
Technical index:
Item Index
Activated content ≥% 90.00
Moisture ≤%4.00
Chloride ≤%2.00
PH (1% solution)7-11


It is applied in chemical industry and synthetic detergent as syncretic agent of serosity. After it is put into synthetic detergent powder, of which all the index can meet the stipulated criterion, it also functions as follows:

1.decreasing the viscosity of serosity, improving its liquidity, speeding up powder spraying, decreasing energy consumption, enhancing production capacity.

2.improving the moisture of detergent powder by 2 to 4 percent, decreasing the cost.

3.improving the hydration of natrium ions in detergent powder, enhancing its anti-agglomeration performance and quality.

4.decreasing the loss of exiguous powder from the powder spraying tower, reducing pollution, increasingoutput.


Added by 2~3% of detergent

Double layer Packing, 25kg polypropylene woven bag lined with PVC plastic bag






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